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Brazil is one of the strongest of the former Wildcard regions. The Brazilian region is home to some of the most passionate fans in the world, and was also the setting for this years 2017 Mid-Season Invitational. Brazilian teams have a storied history at Worlds, with KaBuMs victory over Alliance at Worlds 2014 still holding true as one of the most iconic moments in Worlds history. paiN Gaming also won two games at Worlds 2015, and INTZ e-Sports upset Edward Gaming at Worlds 2016. Although teams in Brazil struggle to scrim against stronger regions due to their geographical location, the depth of popularity for esports continues to grow their infrastructure and shapes a bright future.

Latin America South was originally created as a duo with Latin America North, and they both battled against each other for one spot in international events. It created strong rivalries between the two regions, similar that of North America and Europe. By 2016, both regions had grown to the point where they could be separated into two different championships, each earning their spot at international events. Latam South will often scrim with Brazilian teams, and develop similar playstyles, and due to its young age as a region will usually favor team fighting over a polished macro game.

The European LCS has a tremendous history with the World Championship. Its one of two non-Korean regions to win a World Championship, with Fnatic taking our very first crown back in Season 1. EU LCS teams have made it to the Semifinals two years running, and were Finalists at this years Mid-Season Invitational. Though after a dismal performance at Rift Rivals, many were questioning the level of success they could hope to achieve. Was it indicative of their Worlds performance to come, or was it the wake up call the EU LCS needed?

One of the most successful former Wildcard regions, the GPL has produced multiple Worlds qualifiers. It represents teams and leagues from all across Southeast Asia, who after conquering their domestic competition, come together to fight for the title of GPL Champion. While the difference between the GPL and other major regions has traditionally been large in terms of skill, the rise of Vietnam is slowly closing that gap. Not only did they take games off some of the best teams at the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational and earn themselves a Group Stage berth at Worlds with the GIGABYTES Marines, they also secured a second Vietnamese team in the competition through the GPL Regional Qualifier. This will be another chance for them to prove that they are opponents to be wary of, not just underdogs.

The most dominant region in the competitive League of Legends landscape, Koreas LCK has provided four of the six World Champion teams. The regions the pinnacle of mastery in League of Legends, with all other regions looking to them as vanguards of the meta and macro play. Whether the rest of the world likes it or not, it is highly likely that there will be at least three Korean teams in Semifinals. Anything else would be considered an upset.

A young region in the competitive landscape, the Commonwealth of Independant States is mostly famous for the legendary Moscow 5 and Gambit Gaming. As a former Wildcard region, they were the first IWC region to make it past the Group Stage at a World Championship when at Worlds 2016 Albus NoX Luna surprised everyone, qualifying ahead of both G2 Esports and Counter Logic Gaming.

The LJL has steadily gained momentum over the years. Most of the teams and players are influenced by the Korean meta, forging picks, strategy, and techniques from their neighbors. Imports from Korea have also made the relatively short jump to Japan which has levelled up the league through their greater experience. This was on display at Rift Rivals, where Japan beat out both the GPL and OPL. Traditionally LJL players have focused on a conservative style of play, though recently they are opting in for vastly different styles and strategies, showing far more diversity in their play.

The Latin America North region was originally created as a duo with Latin America South, and they both battled against each other for one spot in international events. It created strong rivalries between the two regions, similar to that of North America and Europe. But Latin America North have only ever known one champion, Lyon Gaming, who have snatched an unprecedented nine consecutive regional titles.

The LMS has always been a dark horse region. Originally part of the GPL, they split off to form their own League in order to develop homegrown talent. As part of the GPL they produced one of the only non-Korean World Champions in the Taipei Assassins, who conquered the Season 2 World Championship. Since then they have had mixed results at Worlds, led by ahq e-Sports Club and Flash Wolves, who between them will have seven World Championship appearances come Worlds 2017. For the very first time, the region will also step into Worlds with a 3 seed in the competition, and will be looking to capitalize on the extra manpower.

The hometown heros and the most successful region never to win a World Championship. Chinese teams made the Finals in both 2013 and 2014, with Royal Club and star ADC Uzi, but will be looking to do one better here as the World Championship lands on home soil for the first time. They dont care about your meta picks, or your macro style. Chinese teams love to fight, love a marathon five-game series, and live by the ideal that a game isnt over until the Nexus explodes. The LPL upset Koreas LCK at Rift Rivals, though there was only a subdued sense of celebration. The players knew in their hearts that the Worlds challenge was still to come.

The North American LCS has had a tumultuous relationship with the World Championship in recent years. From the fabled 0-10 Week 2 of the Group Stage at Worlds 2015, to the predictions of TSM reaching Semifinals in 2016, only to be knocked out in the Group Stage. But with their utter domination of Europe at Rift Rivals this year, and the sheer influx of talent and infrastructure in the NA LCS, fans will once again be hoping that this is the year for solid results.

A region that has traditionally been dominated by one team, the decline of Chiefs Esports Club has opened up for a wave of new competition in the Oceanic Pro League. Amongst the teams vying for the top spot, Dire Wolves have proven to be the leaders of the pack, clinching both championships in 2017, and representing the region first at this years Mid-Season Invitational, and now at Worlds 2017. Teams from the OPL have come close to qualifying for Worlds in the past, but narrowly missed out, and have yet to make their mark on the international stage.

Turkeys TCL has been steadily growing with an increased level of competition each split. Theyre one of the most successful minor regions, being mainstays of Playoffs in former IWC events. Their results have seen them qualify for one World Championship and two Mid-Season Invitationals, more than any other minor region. Its not uncommon to see familiar names from the LCK, NA LCS, or EU LCS wind up playing in Turkey as it is supported by a passionate fanbase and is one of the strongest emerging regions. Along with Brazil, Southeast Asia, and the CIS, Turkey will lock down a Pool 2 berth at the Play-In draw.

Coming off the back of a fairytale run to the CBLoL Finals, Team oNe eSports has gone from the Challenger Series to Worlds in a matter of four months, earning their spot at Worlds 2017 after a 3-1 victory over paiN Gaming. Formed from INTZ e-Sports sister team, the young squad made up for inexperience with characteristic Brazilian passion. They have unique picks and stellar team fighting. Now that they have conquered Brazil, its time to take their team motto to the international stage. Today, warriors. Tomorrow, heroes.

One of the most popular teams and biggest esports organizations in Latam South, Kaos Latin Gamers qualify for Worlds as the representative for the region. Theyve faced relegations and become champions twice in the past two years, most recently defeating Isurus Gaming 3-1 in the CLS Finals. Theyve played in multiple IWC events, but failed to make an impact, something that they are looking to rectify here at Worlds 2017.

The Kings of Europe have once again asserted their dominance over region with their 4th consecutive European LCS Championship, with a clean 3-0 over Misfits in the Finals. Even after a shaky start to the Summer Split and coming into Playoffs as one of the lowest ranked teams, they still managed to claim the 1 seed and Europes Pool 1 berth for Worlds 2017. Its a berth that they earned themselves back at the Mid-Season Invitational, where they reached the Finals, and dispelled the notion that they were a team that struggled internationally. Now theyll get a chance to show the world once more that they are more than just a domestic powerhouse.

From the UK Premiership, to the EU Challenger Series, to the EU LCS all in one year, Team Misfits have had a meteoric rise through the competitive scene. Theyve spoken at length about their one year plan to make it to the World Championship, and after a 4th place finish in Spring and a Finals appearance in Summer, it was enough to make their plan come to fruition. Misfits qualified for Worlds as Europes 2 seed on Championship Points, and in their first year in the LCS will have a chance to show their worth on the international stage.

After watching Worlds 2016 from the sidelines, Fnatic will return to the World Championship for the fifth time after a comprehensive 3-0 win over H2K. They are one of the only teams in the competition to have won a Summoners Cup, and have reached the Semifinals or higher at Worlds on three separate occasions. One of the oldest teams in professional League of Legends, Fnatic will be looking to return to their former glory.

The GIGABYTE Marines surprised everyone at the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational when they not only survived the Play-In, but thrived in the Group Stage, taking wins off some of the biggest teams in the world. They earned the GPL a Group Stage seed at Worlds, and were the rightful ones to take it as they reclaimed the title of GPL Champions with their victory over Thailands Ascension Gaming. Their hyper aggressive playstyle will make them one of the most exciting teams to watch at Worlds 2017.

After placing 2nd in both The Vietnam Championship Series A Spring and Summer Splits, Young Generation had the opportunity to compete in the GPL Championship alongside fellow Vietnamese team the GIGABYTE Marines. They played through the losers bracket, and managed to reverse sweep hometown favorites Ascension Gaming. Their consistent performance this year, and GAMs success at the Mid-Season Invitational, has given Young Generation the privilege to compete at the Play-In stage of Worlds 2017.

For Longzhu Gaming, 2017 can only be described as an incredible miracle. They went from 7th place in Spring to LCK Champions in Summer, defeating the indomitable SK telecom T1 3-1 in the Finals as a statement to the rest of Korea, and the rest of the world. This is a team that was entirely rebuilt at the start of the year around the old ROX Tigers bot lane of PraY and GorillA. While their former teammates went to championship winning teams, the duo created champions out of a team that could only dream of winning, and rightfully earned the 1 seed from Korea.

Three-time World Champions, two-time Mid-Season Invitational Champions, six time LCK Champions, and inarguably the most dominant team in League of Legends history. SK telecom T1, the reigning World Champions, return to the biggest stage for a chance to defend their title and earn the Summoners Cup for the third consecutive time. SK telecom T1s qualification casts a shadow over the tournament, as every World Championship theyve attended, theyve won. Although a loss to Longzhu Gaming in the LCK Finals earned them Koreas 2 seed, SKTs still supplied with more sheer talent and experience than any other roster at Worlds.

Samsung Galaxy return to the World Championship as the 3 seed from Korea. Theyre heading to Worlds after crushing the dreams of KT Rolster in the 2017 LCK Finals of the Regional Qualifier. In their last Worlds appearance they comfortably topped Group D, a group considered the group of death, and would go on to make it all the way to Finals where they faced reigning champions SK telecom T1. After dropping the first two games, Samsung staged a miraculous comeback to take Games 3 and 4, taking us to our first ever Game 5 at a World Championship Finals. Theyll be looking to do one better at Worlds 2017.

After a disastrous Spring Split, Gambit underwent a roster shakeup, with only veteran Diamondprox remaining from the old roster. His former teammate EDward returned to the roster as well, and they set out to build a team to conquer the CIS, which included former Albus NoX Luna players and more. They dominated the regular season, and after a close final against M19, Gambit became CIS champions and will return to the Worlds stage.

After finishing 2nd in the Regular Split, Rampage once again overcame rivals DetonatioN FocusMe in a hard fought Best of 5 to become LJL Champions and earn their third consecutive title. While dominant in the LJL, Rampage struggled earlier in the year at the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational. But a win for the region at Rift Rivals over both the GPL and Oceanic Pro League, including standout performances from Rampage players, should bolster their confidence at the Play-In Stage of Worlds 2017.

The only champion the LLN has ever known, Lyon Gaming is emblematic to Latin America North. With nine back-to-back regional titles, they are the most domestically dominant team in competitive League of Legends, and will return to the international stage after a decisive 3-0 victory over Infinity Esports in the Liga Latinoamerica Norte Summer Split Finals. Theyve clean swept every regional Finals series theyve played in, and will be looking to translate their domestic success internationally.

For the fourth consecutive split Flash Wolves have emerged from the LMS as champions, beating rivals ahq e-Sports Club in the Finals with a resounding 3-0 victory. They earned the LMS a Pool 1 berth back at the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational, and will now get to use it to their full advantage as they take the 1 seed from their region. Mainstays of international tournaments, this will be the Flash Wolves third Worlds appearance. This year, theyll be looking to redeem their performance from Worlds 2016, where they failed to make it out of the Group Stage.

ahq e-Sports Club is one of the oldest and most celebrated teams. After placing 2nd in both Spring and Summer splits, they qualified as the 2 seed from the LMS on Championship Points. This will be their 4th World Championship appearance, making them one of the most experienced organizations at the tournament.

After finishing 5th in the LMS regular season, Hong Kong Attitude fought their way through the Regional Qualifier, beating both Raise Gaming and J-Team (formerly Taipei Assassins) to become the first ever 3 seed to represent the LMS at Worlds. They were one game away from making Worlds back in 2015, and will now finally make their first World Championship debut.

Edward Gaming is one of the most popular and best performing teams in China. With their 2017 LPL Summer victory, theyve now won five LPL Championships, five consecutive Demacia cups (earning themselves the nickname Five Crowning King), and have had three top eight placements at Worlds. They also beat SK telecom T1 in the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational to become the only team other than SKT to hold an MSI Championship. Veteran player Clearlove will be looking to lead his team to greater heights as the 1 seed from China.

Royal Never Give Up has been one of the top teams in the LPL since the 2016 Spring Split. Now theyll get a chance to perform on the biggest stage in front of a home crowd, as they take the 2 seed from the LPL on Championship Points after placing 2nd in both Spring and Summer Splits. While it is their second appearance at Worlds, the team holds plenty of Worlds experience, with Uzi having appeared in two World Championship Finals.

Team WE is one of the oldest teams in professional League of Legends, and have recently found a resurgence in the modern iteration of the LPL. It wasnt until the the 2017 Spring Split that WE finally rose up and claimed the LPL crown, beating Royal Never Give Up in the Finals to represent China at the Mid-Season Invitational, where they earned their region a Pool 1 berth by getting out of Groups. They qualified for Worlds 2017 as the 3 seed from China after a win in the LPL Regional Qualifier.

Youll hear TSM chant in stadiums whether theyre playing or not. The most internationally recognizable team in North America is again the 1 seed from the region going into Worlds 2017. After a come-from-behind win in Game 4 of their NA LCS Finals series against Immortals, TSM became NA LCS Champions for the sixth time. Theyve competed in every NA LCS Championship Final, and this is their 7th World Championship, making them the only team in history to attend every World Championship.

Immortals fell heartbreakingly short of qualifying for Worlds in 2016. Now, with an almost completely rebuilt roster, they will finally make their debut at an international Riot event. After finishing 7th in the 2017 Spring Split, few would have picked them as a team representing North America at Worlds. But signing former CLG jungler Xmithie and coach Ssong saw them rocket to the top of the NA LCS ladder. They take the 2 seed from North America on Championship Points after a 2nd place finish in the Summer Split.

With their win over Counter Logic Gaming in the NA LCS Regional Qualifier, Cloud9 will once again represent North America at Worlds as the 3 seed from the region. Cloud9 burst into the League scene in spectacular fashion in 2013 and theyve represented NA at Worlds every year since. At Worlds 2016 they were the only North American team to make it out of the Group Stage. Now they return, ready for yet another shot at the Summoners Cup.

For a long time there was one team that dominated the Oceanic Pro League, but now a new leader has emerged. Dire Wolves secured their spot at Worlds 2017 after beating the former regional powerhouse Chiefs Esports Club 3-1 in the Finals. This is their second consecutive OPL Championship win, and they were the team to represent the region back at the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational.

1907 Fenerbahçe Espor will have the opportunity to play on the Worlds stage in their debut season after a 3-0 victory against the regional powerhouse BAU SuperMassive. The only team with a sporting club partnership in the TCL, Fenerbahce started Winter Split slow and bowed out in the Semifinals of Playoffs. But a strong surge after their Rift Rivals victory against the LCL carried them to the Finals and booked their tickets to China.

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