Best LCS players in the 2022 Spring split so far

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Best LCS players in the 2022 Spring split so far

Were officially midway through the LCS Spring split, and heres a look at some of the players that have stood out so far in 2022.

The 2022 LCS Lock In gave NA fans a taste of how the LCSs teams would shape up for the Spring split. But with visa issues and roster swaps running rife throughout the tournament, the LCS was the first opportunity for fans to see these teams at their full fighting strength. And the results have been surprising to say the least.

Lock In finalists Evil Geniuses have crashed and burned, sitting in a three-way tie for sixth place at the end of Week 4 after shaky performances throughout the first half of the split. A seemingly unstoppable FlyQuest have finally slowed down, dropping into second place with an 0-3 slump in Week 4.

Team Liquid and Cloud9 sit comfortably tied for first place, and will face off on Sunday, March 13, to decide whos truly the king of the castle in North America.

For many of NAs players who were unable to play in the Lock In, this has been their first chance to show off on the LCS stage. And theyve taken full advantage. Heres a look at some of the best-performing players so far in the 2022 Spring Split, from top laners to AD carries.

Even after a year away from competitive play in a coaching role for TSM, Bjergsen is still the undisputed KDA king of the LCS. Hes died only seven times across his nine games so far in the LCS.

Hes a rock in the mid lane for Team Liquid. Theyve got carry power in the bot and top lanes in Steven Hans sama Liv and Gabriel Bwipo Rau, but Bjergsen is the glue that holds those carries together and keeps the game from spiralling out of control if they get a little too overzealous (something they were both guilty of on occasion during their time in the LEC.)

He doesnt have to say anything. He can just let his play do the talking.goes up against his old team for the first time ever ay!TLWINorTSMWIN?

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