Cristiano Ronaldos debut in Saudi Arabia Al-Nassr captain 1-

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Ronaldo failed to score on his official debut with his new Saudi team, Al-Nassr

Cristiano Ronaldos debut in Saudi Arabia: Al-Nassr captain, 1-0 lead, great atmosphere... but no goal

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Cristiano Ronaldowent away from his debut here in Riyadh with a bittersweet feeling: his team,Al-Nassr, new leader of the Saudi League, won 1-0, but theAl-Nassrcaptain could not celebrate with a goal as he and his whole family would have liked him to have done. It was a great atmosphere with only a half-happy ending.

The match, from a competitive point of view, clearly had only one interest: to see ifCristianowould score, something that the neutral spectators, theAl-Nassrspectators and the stars own teammates were waiting for.Cristiano Ronaldotook the field with the captains armband, something that was not known until the start of the match.

And this dependence changed the game, because they did not try to play football and win, but, as it was the first game, the obsession of the local players was that the star would score. And that conditioned an attack that had one goal.

The atmosphere was beautiful, with a welcoming tifo (in Spanish and Portuguese: Vamos) that greeted the Portuguese forward during the warm-up. There was a desire forCristiano, but the Portuguese had just two shots to put the finishing touch to his debut.

It is also true that in the build-up toAnderson Taliscas opening goal,Ronaldowent very close with a header, but it was his team-mate who finally nodded home.

Al-Nassrwere finally able to win, with little trouble, andRonaldos side moved to the top of the table, two points clear of fierce Riyadh rivalsAl-Hilal.

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